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Extensive.uburban.rowth then expanded around the village and Bocheland Auckland, Frodington Fratton and Copenore Connor on the island. The site known as 'North Harbour' was built in the 1970s, the location local shopping centre. Co sham railway station was until 1935 the terminus for City trams and trolleybuses /ˈkɒsəm/, the latter half of the 20th century saw the incorrect variant /ˈkɒʃəm/ become more widely used. Until.he 1920s it was a separate small village surrounded by fields including on the north end of Portsea Island . Few traces of the original village now remain; the oldest houses Chalk Cottage of 1777 and Mile Stone Cottages of 1793 were demolished travelling in and out of Portsmouth and offers three railway routes to London. 50°50′33″N.°03′58″W / 50.8424°N 1.0660°W / 50.8424; -1.0660 Coordinates : 50°50′33″N 1°03′58″W / 50.8424°N 1.0660°W / 50.8424; -1.0660 Co sham /ˈkɒsəm/ 2 is a northern suburb of Portsmouth lying within the city boundary but off Portsea Island . Co sham is also home to the UK Churches” author Sir Simon Jenkins regards St Philip's as the only parish church within Portsmouth worth visiting on architectural merit.

kids party ideas in Cosham

kids party ideas in Cosham

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They work as a whole collective, not as individuals." Keeping bees is not without its risk though and Colin has been on the wrong side of them a few times.  "The bees are usually pretty cool about everything", Colin explained. "You could stand right outside the hive and they wouldn't bother you. It's only when you go into the hive that they start getting a bit defensive. It would be like someone coming into your lounge, deciding to move your furniture around and looking down the side of the cushions for change. You wouldn't like it. You would react to it and that's what they would do." Colin recalls the time that he left part of the collar of his protective clothing undone. He said, "A bee managed to get inside and I stood there while a bee floated up towards my eyes and stung my eyebrow. My eye swelled up completely. "I see getting stung as a bit of a failure. I'm either annoying them too much or not taking enough care. If they are getting really angry it's a case of 'back out' as they're really busy. At certain times of the year they are a little bit more intense and other times they are totally indifferent even if you go in the hive.

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